Journey Written™️ is a Book Writing & Self-Publishing Company that specializes in publishing your unique story with a companion workbook (study guide or guided journal) to help not only the writers but also other women heal and break their silence. We show women who are ready, how to write and release their testimony through Book Writing & Self-Publishing. 

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What if your book could change just one person’s life forever?

Releasing your story in a creative and innovative way is a challenge. Journey Written makes that challenge a lot easier!

We know that you are ready to release and publish your story to the world, and we just want to say an early CONGRATS to you for wanting to self-publish your testimony.


Our Difference

Most publishing companies only want to work with you when you have a finished manuscript. We want to help you put your first words on paper. We will work from organizing your thoughts and experiences to publishing your book! Your voice deserves to be heard! 

Another way in which Journey Written is different from other publishers is that we help you integrate a workbook, study guide, or guided-journal into your book. We include this extra feature because a workbook, again, helps not only the writer to process her testimonials but also other women heal from their own trauma. Workbooks also have the power to inspire other women to “be ready” to share their stories.

Our Process


Our company uses an innovative five-phase book writing and self-publishing process to hold you steady as you release your story. 


We provide you with book writing strategies to empower you with the book and workbook writing process.


Once your book is self-published, it's official! You are sharing something great with the world that only you can share.


Your voice matters. Your story matters. Your testimony will inspire others. We work with Christian women who are ready to break their silence and release their testimony to the world!

How We Serve You

Signature Author Mark

Together, we will come up with your Signature Author Mark that will differentiate you from other authors and make your book stand out in the market.

Book Writing Coaching

You don’t need a finished manuscript to work with Journey Written. We will help you from the first to last step: from writing to publishing your book.

Self-Publishing Consulting

Let us help you self-publish and teach you how to maintain your self-publishing momentum.

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Meet Your Coach

It's Ms. Brit Lashae, CEO & Founder of Journey Written ™️ and your Book Writing Coach.

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Our Services

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